Viking Tales Book

Viking Tales: A Book of Norse Mythology and Legends - Norwegian, Icelandic and Scandinavian Folklore

This spectacular collection of ancient Viking myths and legends was compiled by Jennie Hall - a leading enthusiast of Nordic mythology. The tales draw upon well-known legends involving the Nordic pantheon of the Gods, as well as the folk stories which follow a young hero named Harald.

The two countries focused upon are Norway and Iceland, with the seafaring culture for which the Nordic peoples were renowned in the early Middle Ages receiving much prominence. Rich with swashbuckling heroism, the stories within this volume are recounted compellingly, starting with an account of King Harald's infancy.

The stories are imbued by Hall's deep research into the Nordic culture - the hierarchy of their society, the means by which they set laws and settled disputes, how they married and partook in family life, and how they fought and died in the war.

Together with this book's thrilling stories, Jennie Hall imbues her own research into the language pronunciations and cultural traits of the Nordic peoples.