Viking Bracelet - Geri And Freki Wolves

Viking Bracelet - Geri And Freki Wolves

The wolf is an enigmatic figure in the Norse faith, as it can have several meanings.

The most famous wolf is Fenrir, one of the most frightening beasts in Norse mythology that would bring the end of the world. However, in the Nordic culture, not all wolves were evil.

Odin himself had two wolves named Geri and Freki who accompanied him in battle, hunting, and wandering.

From this partnership between the god and the wolves came the alliance between man and dog. One of the most elite Viking warriors is the Ulfhednar. Men who wore wolf pelts and fought in states of ecstatic rage, strengthened by the spirit of Odin and the Wolf.


  • Authentically Handcrafted Viking bracelet
  • Size: 19cm, 21cm, 23cm
  • Materials: Stainless Steel

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Viking Bracelet - Fenrir Norse Wolf

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nick K
Good quality

It came in sooner than estimated delivery. It was just as pictured on the site. Very pleased with the quality and the price

Willis Bass
Awesome bracelet!

The detail of this bracelet is great. Good size and feels great on the skin...

James Welch
Very Impressed

Solid bracelet! I'm always skeptical of these online jewelers, but this is a cool bracelet and well made.

Arnold Pearson
Very good quality

Use it all the time when I do out I get lots of compliments

Absolutely gorgeous

My husband is very hard on everything but this is very solid and durable and holds up very well. He absolutely loved it!