Viking Earrings - Freya's Cats

Triquetra Earrings with beautiful interlaced cats

These Viking earrings feature Freya's feline cats draped lazily inside a Trinity knot

In Norse Mythology, Freya is the patron Goddess of war, love, fertility, and prophecy. Also known as Freya or Freyja to the Vikings, she's the wife of Odin and the mother of Balder. Freya rides a chariot harnessed by cats - Bygul and Trjegul. They served as loyal companions to the goddess and were gifted to her by the Thunder God Thor.

The Celtic Trinity Knot is most often associated with the three phases of the moon as well as the three personifications of the pagan Moon Goddess - the Mother, Maiden, and Crone. So don't miss these beautiful Viking earrings,get one for yourself or someone you love!


    • Material: Zinc alloy
    • Size: 29 x 36mm
    • High-quality finish 
    • Online exclusive, not sold in stores
    • Safely packed and delivered


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