Viking Bracelet - Nordic Eagle

Viking Bracelet - Nordic Eagle

The eagle was a symbol of freedom and power in Norse mythology, revered for its ability to soar high above the earth and see things from a different perspective. Our Nordic Eagle Viking Bracelet is a reminder to always strive for freedom and to never back down in the face of adversity. Wear this bracelet as a symbol of your own personal power and independence.

Our Viking Bracelet with the Nordic Eagle design celebrates the might and majesty of the eagle, a powerful symbol in Norse mythology. This bracelet is a testament to the warrior spirit of the Vikings, and the strength and courage embodied by the eagle.

This bracelet is not only a symbol of strength and courage, but also a stunning piece of jewelry that will turn heads wherever you go


  • Authentically Handcrafted Viking bracelet
  • One size: adjustable
  • Materials: Stainless Steel

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Viking Bracelet - Nordic Eagle

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