Luminous Celtic Dragon Inlay Ring

Glow in The Dark Celtic Dragon Inlay Ring

Norse mythology uses the dragon as a symbol of strength and courage. This ring brings an unequaled Dragon Pattern (Jormungandr).

With this beautifully etched glow-in-the-dark dragon inlay design ring, you will surely draw attention at night. The only thing it needs is some sun exposure or regular wearing. 

This ring is made from Tungsten Carbide and does not tarnish or oxidize which makes it last longer than other jewelry.

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Viking Arm Ring Geri & Freki

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sophie Murphy
    It's perfect!

    Love this! Great color and true to size!

    Lucy Rogers
    My husband loves this!

    I saw a similar ring at a jewelry store for hundreds of dollars, this ring is so impressive and affordable. It has good weight to it and it’s smooth and comfortable. It definitely is high quality. Me and my husband both love it ! I recommend.

    Love it!

    Cool ring. Feels and looks like very good quality. Cool design and nice blue colors sparkling off it. Slides on and off very nice with tapered edges

    Carter Wilson
    Fits well!

    My wife loves the ring it fits her hand perfectly and the colors and details are amazing just like in the pictures when you go to buy it

    Claire L.
    Wedding ring!

    We were looking for a wedding ring for my soon to be husband that wasn't to expensive. My ring was blue and hubby wanted a darker ring that wasn't flashy. I seen this ring and immediately fell in love with it. I showed it to him and he loved it too. The ring arrived quickly and was just as pictured. It's not to heavy and honestly the quality is way more than I expected for the price.. if you need a cheaper ring that is durable I'd definitely recommend this ring.