Ulfberht Viking Battle Sword

Ulfberht Viking Battle Sword

The Ulfberht sword is a unique and legendary Viking battle sword that has become an object of fascination and intrigue for historians and sword enthusiasts alike.

The Ulfberht sword was a symbol of power and prestige in Viking society, and it was often given as a gift to those who had earned the favor of a Viking leader or had demonstrated great bravery on the battlefield. What makes this sword unique is its high-quality steel, which was advanced for its time and surpassed the steel of other swords of the era.

Our team of Craftsmen uses century-old techniques in the forging and engraving process that ensure a high-quality design that will last a lifetime.

The production process of such a sword is not simple, it takes at least 3 weeks of work and the efforts of 3 masters. So give us time to create a work of art!


  • Viking Sword: 
    Blade Length: 27 inches
    Handle Length: 7 inches
    Overall Length: 34 inches

    Norse Sword:
    Overall Length: 10-inch handle , 29-inch Blade
    Handle LENGTH: 10 inches
    Blade Thickness: 5mm
    Blade Width: 2 inches
    Handle: Wood & Leather Wrap Handle
    Accessory: Leather Cover
    The blade is Made with DAMASCUS Steel.

    Ulfberht Sword:
    Overall Length : 27 Inches
    Blade Length : 20 Inches
    Blade Width : 2 Inches
    Blade Thickness : 5-6 mm

    Celtic Sword:
    Total length: 22-inches
    Handle Length: 6-inches
    Blade length: 16-Inches
    Blade thickness: 6mm
    Handle: Made with a great combination of Brass hand guard and pommel with wire handle
    Blade: Forged Damascus steel (Damascus steel is the combination of 1095+15N20)
    Damascus Layers: 512-Layers (When forged) not sure how many layers are disappeared while finishing the blades.
    Leather Sheath: Handmade leather sheath made with original cowhide included

Package includes:

  • 1 x Sword with leather cover

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