Sterling Silver Berserker Claw Viking Ring

Berserker Claw Viking Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Conquer Anything with the Berserker Claw Viking Ring!

This Sterling Silver Berserker Claw Viking Ring is an ideal means of expressing the depth of your feelings to someone. The intricate design and superior quality materials of this ring make it a distinctive gift that will be cherished for a considerable period of time.

The Viking Ring is more than just a fashion statement. This emblem represents resilience and authority, giving you the ability to confront and overcome any obstacle that may arise. Put it on with a sense of honor and experience the powerful spirit of the warriors from the past flowing through your body.

Crafted from the finest Sterling Silver, the Berserker Claw Viking Ring is a shining example of quality and durability. With its intricate details and bold design, this ring is guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go.


  • Material: 100% made of 925 sterling silver with a certificate
  • High-quality finish 
  • Won't fade or tarnish
  • Online exclusive, not sold in stores
  • Safely packed and delivered

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Berserker Claw Viking Ring

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