Premium Handcrafted Viking Drinking Horn with Stand

Genuine Quality Ox Horn!

Travel Back To The Vikings Time And Enjoy Your Favorite Drink In the Viking Drinking Horn!

Perfect for any fan of Norse culture, this Viking Drinking Horn is the perfect vessel to enjoy your favorite beverage while relaxing and binge-watching your much-loved Game of thrones or Viking shows!

Viking warriors hoped to drink in Odin’s hall from the skulls of those they had slayed’.  But as kenning suggests, Vikings actually drank from the horns of cattle or goats.

Viking Drinking Horns are handcrafted from one solid seamless piece of 100% natural horn. The horn is fully cleaned and polished inside and out. Polishing brings out the natural beauty and colors of the horn. We use an all-natural material so size, shape, color, and capacity vary with each piece.

Each one of our horn mugs is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek finish for maximum authenticity, no two alike! This means your purchase will grant you a horn cup you can truly call your own and take pride in that is one of a kind!

Perfect for a cool beer, water, wine, or ale on a sunny Viking afternoon. This drinking horn mug can also be used as a decorative accessory and can also be given as a gift that they’ll cherish for years. To clean the horn, use a bottle brush and dish soap.


  • Material: Ox horn

  • Capacity : 300ml - 400ml

  • Approx: 12” Inches - 13″ Inches Long

  • The patterns of the horn may vary since it is a natural product

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Genuine Quality Ox Horn!

Please note:  Natural horn products can have quite a distinctive odor (due to the nature of the horn) when newly made, this does dissipate with time and usage.

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