Medieval Viking Sword

Medieval Viking Sword

Bring History to Life with our Medieval Viking Sword!
This Medieval Viking Sword is an exact copy of the sword the Vikings fought in ancient times. They defended their lands and captured new ones, all thanks to reliable satellites. With such a sword, an authentic Viking will feel the spirit of the medieval era and feel protected.

Our Medieval Viking Sword is crafted with the highest level of attention to detail, providing an authentic look and feels that transports you back to the Viking era. The blade is made of high-quality steel and features intricate designs etched into the metal.
Whether you're displaying it in your home or using it in reenactments, this sword is sure to impress.

Our team of Craftsmen uses century-old techniques in the forging and engraving process that ensure a high-quality design that will last a lifetime. The production process of such a sword is not simple, it takes at least 3 weeks of work and the efforts of 3 masters. So give us time to create a work of art!


  • Material: forged hardened steel
  • The hilt of the sword is wrapped in leather
  • Dimensions of the sword):
    • Length - 80cm
    • Width - 5 cm
    • Thickness - 0.5 cm
  • Dimensions(case):
    • Length - 120 cm
    • Width - 4 cm
    • Thickness - 0.4 cm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Sword with leather cover

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