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Classic Drakkar Dragon Sail Model Ship

Display This Model Ship In Your Home And Get The Feels Of Travelling The Seas In Viking Fashion!

This boat is a replica of the Drakkar Viking boat, a classic boat that was used by the Vikings from 500-900CE. It looks and feels like a miniature real boat.

It's a 15-inch model handcrafted by master artisans from the highest quality wood, and it's built to last. Like a real boat, the frame is constructed with planking rather than longboards.

In Norse Mythology, The Drakkar, or Viking Longships, were the long, narrow, and very flexible vessels used by the Vikings for trade, exploration, and warfare. The Longships had symmetrical ends and a maximal speed of around 15 knots, and they were also called "dragon ships" because they often had a dragon-shaped bow or other magical beings carved on them.

For centuries, the longships of the Vikings had been a symbol of their naval power. The seafaring warriors had used their longships to travel as far away as Iceland, Greenland, Northern America, and even the Mediterranean!


  • Material: High quality wood
  • Laser-cut wood
  • Scale 1/50
  • Size: 15" overall length x 12.5" height x 9" width
  • Dismountable but easy to assemble
  • Requires no special maintenance
  • Laser-cut keels, desks, and ribs 

  • Wooden mast and nice quality wood for planking the hull

  • Full metal figurehead and other parts

  • This model kit does not contain the luxury base

  • Safely packed and delivered

Package Includes:

1 x Classic Drakkar Dragon Sail Model Ship

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